Our Voices

“To put it mildly, Jeff is living testimony to the Clear View program. He has become who he is, in part, because of the experience he and we had at Clear View during those very formative years. We were lucky to have found you. Some say you never really know how much difference a school like Clear View may make. This is not true for us. In Jeff’s case Clear View provided key foundations that were present throughout our parenting. It made us better parents and provided us a means to express the deepest love that humans have, while still providing the structure and limits that he needed and were, at first, so hard for us to give. We adapted, he grew. We couldn’t have done it without you. We are forever indebted to the people and philosophy of Clear View School.” – Jeff’s Father

“[My therapist] has been a guiding light for me since my early days here at Clear View. Patient, kind and understanding, and always ready to help tackle whatever problem comes our way. There isn’t a big enough thank you I could ever give you that could even compare to the amount of love, compassion, and guidance you showed me through all my years at Clear View. You will always hold a special place in my heart.” – Clear View Student

“Clear View has made me feel welcomed and accepted.” – Clear View Student

“You know it is kind of funny; the Clear View School’s name fits it perfectly. When I first started my journey at The Clear View School I had a clouded view of the world so to speak. I thought that life was meant to be gloomy and depressing all the time, and it wasn’t easy living a day to day life thinking like that. Clear View really helped me to see that life can be an amazing experience. They’ve given me a clear view of life. The Clear View family truly cares about each other like no other school does. I’ve experienced it firsthand.” – Clear View Student

“As, then, Pastor of the Scarborough Presbyterian Church, it was my delight to help Clear View to become the owner of the former Scarborough Country Day School. My 40 years of professional and voluntary life in the Town of Ossining have been the best of my 81 years. At the center of those years my involvement in Clear View School has constituted a heart throb, a profound delight in my life, something to share with my grandchildren.” – Robert Hare, Secretary, Board of Directors, AMIC, Inc. (Association for Mentally Ill Children) and 1960s Civil Rights Activist

“There are no words to truly express what Clear View means to me. When I started here, I was fresh out of college. In the interview, I knew that this school embodied all that I believed in for education. Being able to address our students as whole beings, emotional and social, not just purely academic beings. This school is my family; it’s a collection of dedicated, hardworking people who are passionate about creating opportunities and better lives for our students. These kids are so open and honest and beautiful. They are willing to work hard and push for change and extend themselves beyond what they believe to be possible. In my fifteen years here, my students have taught me to be humble, to love unconditionally, and most of all to push beyond expectations with hope and grace. I love my job. I love my students. I learn something new daily from my students and I love being given the opportunity to be a part of something so much bigger than myself. I am proud to be a part of the Clear View family. It’s where I belong” – Lindsay Barbarossa, Teacher