Our Staff

The children of Clear View receive the care and attention of some 65 highly qualified mental health and special education professionals each day. They include clinical social workers, psychologists, mental health counselors, speech and language clinicians, crisis counselors, school nurse and program supervisors who work with individual children and families. New York State Certified Special Education Teachers and assistant teachers trained and experienced in responding to the needs of children with emotional disabilities and psychiatric illness, offer small group and individual instruction. A full time child psychiatrist provides psychiatric services as well as supervision and oversight of the clinical program.

All staff members — clinicians, buildings and grounds workers, teachers, secretaries, transportation providers — participate in the welcoming, affirming, therapeutic environment and are wholly dedicated to each child’s individual well-being and recovery.


Executive Management Staff

Marlene Cheatham, Interim Executive Director

Jacqueline Hastings – School Director
Elaine K. Haagen, M.D. – Clinical Director
Laurie Wolkin, Ph.D. – Director, Psychological Services

“All I can say is that [the staff] clearly has genuine commitment and cares immensely about the kids they work with.”

-David Davis, Clear View Student 1984-1987