Therapeutic Nursery Program

The Clear View School Therapeutic Nursery Program serves children ages 3 to 5 by laying the foundation for success in school. Students receive the full complement of therapeutic services while working on readiness skills—both academic readiness (pre-reading, pre-math, etc.) and social readiness. With small class sizes, teachers and clinical staff can quickly respond to student needs and ensure that the educational experience is rich with opportunity for exploration and growth. Recognizing that treatment is most effective when the whole family is involved, the Therapeutic Nursery Program insists on commitment to parental involvement; a student’s success depends on it. Parents are supported and encouraged through their own treatment provided by a Clear View treatment team and through advocacy equipping them with the skills necessary to best understand and help their child.

Therapeutic Nursery Program Admission
If you are a parent/guardian who believes your child may be having emotional, psychological or developmental difficulties, you are encouraged to:

  • Contact the Committee on Pre-School Special Education in the school district where you reside. The Committee will set up the proper evaluations and screenings needed to determine eligibility for the Clear View program.
  • For questions about the admission process, please call Karen O’Gara, MS Ed. at 914.941.9513.

“You know it is kind of funny; the Clear View School’s name fits it perfectly. Clear View really helped me to see that life can be an amazing experience. They’ve given me a clear view of life.”
– Graduate